Set of Bracelet “Gold&Black”

Bracelets “Gold & Black”- set consisting of three bracelets. Two of them made with Onyx stone and gold hematite, third is a makrama style braided bracelet with infinite sign. Beautiful together in a set and individually. Cheaper in set!

Extremely impressive and shiny jewelry !!!!

Bracelet braided with twine and infinite sign:
infinite sign- sterling silver gold plated with diameter 17mm x 7mm;
Hematite Stone – round beads with diameter 6mm on ends of twine.

Black Onyx stone – round beads with diameter 6mm, gold plated hematite stone in diameter 6mm and 8mm, red glass crystals 3mm, sunflower pendant made of stainless steel. The bracelet base is on a silicone rubber band.

Bracelets fit on the wrist with a circumference of 15,5cm to 17cm.

You can order a bracelet to the specified measurements. FREE service!

order realized in 4 working days from registration of payment.

The presented jewerly is handicraft. Made with the highest precision and care, emphasizing the details.

Semi-precious stones have fascinated people from the beginning of time. They have magical strength and healing properties !!!

Onyx Stone – Deepens the sense of control over life, bestows such features as: determination, perseverance, courage and decisiveness. It gives strength to people who are exposed to extreme stress – emotional and mental, it is also helpful in making decisions. Onyx Stone brings balance to the body and mind while providing mental power. It is considered the stone that brings spiritual inspiration and clarity of mind – Onyx helps calm emotions and makes it easier to control them.

Hematite Stone – This Gemstone helps in activating hidden forces. Gives us courage, strengthens while energizing the body and supplying us with new energy. During our dreams it warn us of impending dangers.