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Ice Crystal Bracelet (Kopia)

Beautiful, eye-catching Bracelet made of  semiprecious  Ice Crystal

Extremely impressive and shiny jewelry !!!!

Balls made of semiprecious stone – an ice crystal with diameter 12mm and 8mm.  Bracelet is based on a silicone rubber.

Fits on the wrist with a circumference of 15,5cm to 17cm.

You can order a bracelet to the specified measurements. FREE service!

order realized in 4 working days from registration of payment.

The presented jewerly is handicraft. Made with the highest precision and care, emphasizing the details.

Semi-precious stones have fascinated people from the beginning of time. They have magical strength and healing properties !!!

Quartz Ice Stone – It helps to restore energy. It reinforces a positive attitude. Discharges stress. Cleanses negative emotions. Adds confidence.