Fashionable ring. Old silver, stones. Citrine eyelet (Kopia) (Kopia)

Fashionable, comfortable and impressive ring made of tiny natural hematites with a citrine eye.

Add splendor to your everyday stylization!

Semi-precious stones: small faceted hematites 2mm in natural hematite color – old silver and yellow beautiful faceted citrine. High quality base – super durable.

For a better fit, the rings can be selected in the following sizes:
Sizes: the circumference inside the ring
XS -45-49mm
S -50-55mm
M -56-60mm
L -61-65mm
XL -66-70mm individual size

In order to choose the size of the ring, it is best to measure the circumference of the finger on which you will wear the ring. The simplest way you can do it is to take a light-colored thread, a marker and a ruler or centimeter. Then wrap the thread several times around the finger (not too tight), and then highlight point with marker in one place. Expand the thread and measure the selected section on the ruler.

Rings also available in other colors, see our other offers or write a message. Examples of other ring proposals are presented in further photos.

order realized in 3 working days from registration of payment.

The presented jewerly is handicraft. Made with the highest precision and care, emphasizing the details.

Semi-precious stones have fascinated people from the beginning of time. They have magical strength and healing properties !!!

Glass crystals cause scatter sunlight and produce a rainbow effect. They spread light and brightness to the nearest surroundings.

Hematite Stone – This Gemstone helps in activating hidden forces. Gives us courage, strengthens while energizing the body and supplying us with new energy. During our dreams it warn us of impending dangers.