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Set od bracelets "Glow of Roses"-  is a set consisting of three bracelets made of pink and fuchsia stones and beautifull crystals. Crystals shine beautifully and sparkle in the light with all the colors of the rainbow. Great together and individually. The set is cheaper! Extremely impressive and shiny jewelry !!!! MATERIALS: Pink Jade stones balls with a diameter 10mm; fuchsia Agate stones balls - 10mm; beads crystals with a high-quality cut with a diameter of 12mm. Charm pendant in the shape of a beautiful rosette - sterling silver. All bracelets are based on a silicone elastic band. It is easy to apply and take off. MEASUREMENTS: Bracelets fit on the wrist with a circumference of 15,5cm to 17cm. EXTRA OFFER:  You can order a bracelet to the specified measurements. FREE service!