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Beautiful, eye-catching bracelet and earrings in dark hematite color with silver details. Carefully braided with Chech crystals and tiny glass beads. Extremely impressive and shiny jewelry !!!! MATERIALS: Bracelet: Metalic Chech beads in dark graphite color with silver details, TOHO beads in hematite. Earrings: Onyx stone - in oval shape, Chech crystal beads and TOHO beads in shiny metallic hematite; clips made of sterling silver. The earrings on both sides look the same, and the clip is carefully integrated into the beads lace. MEASUREMENTS:
Wed. bracelet hole:6cm;
Wed. the entire bracelet: 7.5 cm.
Bracelet width: 4cm
Earrings: 3,5cm x 2,2cm without clips.
EXTRA OFFER: You can order a bracelet to the specified measurements. FREE service! For alternative to clips, we offer earwires to choose from: open earwires, closed English and studs with hanging earrings. on open or closed English earwires. Please let us know in a message during purchasing the product. FREE service!