Bracelet “OM” – Stone 7 Chakras

Energetic OM bracelet made of precious stones assigned to seven chakras.

Magic jewelry for women who love natural beauty!

Balls made of semiprecious stone with diameter 8mm: onyx, hematite, carnelian, tiger eye, jasper, aventurine, rose quartz, turquoise howlite, amethyst, mountain crystal and many others; gold plated pendant “OM” – stainless steel;  Bracelet is based on a silicone rubber – it is easy to apply and pulls.

Fits on the wrist with a circumference of 15,5cm to 17cm.

You can order a bracelet to the specified measurements. FREE service!

order realized in 5 working days from registration of payment.

The presented jewerly is handicraft. Made with the highest precision and care, emphasizing the details.

Semi-precious stones have fascinated people from the beginning of time. They have magical strength and healing properties !!!

Stones in that bracelet are assigned to 7 chakras – energy centers in the human body.
The following semi-precious stones were used for individual chakras:
first chakra – base – onyx, hematite, coral
second chakra – sacral – carnelian
third chakra – solar plexus – tiger eye, landscape jasper, sunny stone
fourth chakra – heart – aventurine, pink quartz,
fifth chakra – throat – turquoise howlite, blue chalcedony
sixth chakra – third eye – amethyst, night of Cairo
seventh chakra – crown – mountain crystal

“OM” – it is said that OM is the first sound of the universe, its first breath.
In nowadays, the OM syllable – as a visual form of this presound is used as a talisman helping to find peace, experience yourself as part of the universe and connect with the Absolute-God. It allows you to experience voiceless silence.
It is a symbol of the Absolute, unification and wisdom from the source. In meditation – it gives you strength and helps you to finish all activities.