100 PLN Gift Voucher / Gift Card

An excellent gift idea to make a nice surprise for someone, allowing her or him to choose a gift from the range of jewelry in our store.

The Gift Voucher is a pre-paid card, which is the equivalent of cash, allowing you to buy goods in the ANGEL BRIGHT online store

The Gift Voucher is valid for a period of six months from the date of purchase.

Finalizing the Gift Voucher.

The Gift Voucher is a one-time-use voucher. If you buy items of greater value than the Gift Voucher, you may pay the missing amount . When you order for a lower amount than the value of the Gift Voucher, then the unused amount can not be used later. Finalizing of the Gift Voucher is simple and intuitive. The recipient of the Gift Voucher, ordering the chosen jewelery, enters the code on the order summary page in the field “VOUCHER CODE “(the code is located on the reverse of the Gift Voucher) and in <the message for the Seller> gives the first name and the last name of the person who purchased the Gift Voucher. The order is automatically paid.

You can buy Angel Bright Gift Vuocher in two ways:

1. The purchased voucher is sent to the e-mail address of the Buyer in electronic form. It can be printed (preferably in color) and handed to the recipient.
Shipment by email – PLN 0
2. The purchased voucher is sent to the address indicated by the buyer in the “delivery address” field. We send the Gift Voucher in the form of a colorful elegant card in a decorative envelope.

Shipping by post or courier according to the option chosen by the buyer.

order realized in 4 working days from registration of payment.

The presented jewerly is handicraft. Made with the highest precision and care, emphasizing the details.